Helping children overcome tongue ties, sensory aversions, selective eating, and physiological differences so that they can grow to be a healthy eater.


We provide indivdualized evaluations in order to identify what is interfering with your childs current eating, and how to best improve their current skill level and interactions with foods.


Understanding why a child is not eating or gaining weight can be like putting the pieces together of a complicated puzzle. Schedule a consultation with a profressional in order to get guidance on next steps.


Each therapy session is 30 minutes - 1 hour, based on the clients current skill level and family/client needs. After your evaluation, your therapist will provide an individualized treatment plan. During therapy sessions, your therapist will help you work with your child to achieve their goals and provide strategies and carryover activities that can be practiced for optimal generalization of their new skills.

Pre and Post Operative Tongue Tie Therapy

Has your child been diagnosed with a tongue tie or do you suspect that your child has a tongue tie? We provide guidance and therapy to those individuals who are suspected to have a tongue tie or are undergoing tongue tie release in order to achieve optimal results.

Screening Events

Parents can contact us for more information on available screening events.

Daycare directors who would like to cooridnate a screening event please call or email:

(813) 591-4676